There are so many advantages attached to using a digital camera that is not attached to using a film camera. In this article, I will take my time to compare the digital photography with the film photography. And of course, I will give you the advantage of digital photography over film photography.

So, if you are still using the film camera, I am very sure that after this post, you would have a change of mind and would get to see that real advantage of digital photography over film photography.

Let’s dive in.

    1. Convenience. When it comes to convenience, a digital camera is preferable to film camera.
    2. Durability. A digital camera is better than film camera when it comes to durability. And that is because digital cameras have less moving parts that can wear out, while film camera has more moving part that can wear out.
    3. Memory. When it comes to memory, digital camera has bigger memory, but the memory depends on the amount of memory you bought for it. But film camera’s memory is limited to the size of the film roll.

  1. Cost. When it comes to cost, digital camera is more inexpensive than film camera because you don’t need to spend money on film processing and to buy film rolls.

We have talked about the advantage of digital camera over film photography. But let’s talk about why you need a digital camera.

A digital camera allows you to take a picture and then review it immediately to see if you like it or not. If you don’t like the photo, you can adjust the camera settings and shot the image all over again for you to get the picture you desire.

After you have taken the picture you like, you can transfer the photo to a computer to do some editing on them; and the print them at any size you like. You can also email the picture to your friend or post it on social media; you can even store them in the cloud or your files.

All this looks like magic right? The ability for you to take pictures, edit them, and store them anywhere you like makes digital photography powerful.

We not stopping at that, digital cameras also have more advantages, digital camera saves money. When you use digital camera, you don’t need to buy rolls of film, and you don’t need to spend money on film processing.

With digital photography, you don’t need to wait any longer to finish a film roll before you can process your photos. Digital photography is also safer because you don’t need to use toxic and harsh processing chemicals.

Not only that, digital photography gives you the chance to get creative, since you are not limited to the size of your film roll, you can take as much photo as you like.