For new bloggers and website owners it becomes very difficult to find pictures that can be reused. And if they ever find the appropriate image for commercial use then it costs a lot which is why here is a list of websites that have free stock photos for your blog or social media page.


Pexels is the go to photography website since you can search through the largest picture gallery online. If you can’t find anything on Pexels then there is little chance you will find it anywhere else. However, it is important to note that there are certain sponsored photos which are not free and will require payment to be made. They are always clearly labeled so if you don’t want to pay you can ignore them and only focus on the free ones.


For photography websites templates Canva has the best designs and for those who do not enjoy having to Photoshop the pictures will love this resource. It has an easy-to-use designing tool which helps you create illustrations and edits using the huge library available for free. Instead of going through a horde of websites to find the right image for commercial use and then editing it you can use one from Canva itself. There are paid versions available too for a low price of $1.


After you have looked through the free stock photos available on the other two websites, Picjumbo should be your next stop. It contains many different options and there are sets of images with similar aesthetics you can use for the same theme. The ‘related’ feature on Picjumbo helps you find all the pictures for burgers for example without having to type different keywords in the search bar but the viewing option only displays 15 images per page which can be frustrating.


In the list of photography websites, Kaboompics is a top choice. It has many high quality images you can use whenever required. The downside is that the website only lets you view 7 pictures at a time so it should be used when you have free time. However, you can be sure to find something that will fit your theme on the website because it sources its pictures from lesser known artists. You are bound to find something for your photography websites template on the Kaboompics page.